Texas Scratch Off Information

Texas Lottery scratch tickets give you the chance to win instant prizes that can be worth millions of dollars. Find out all about the TX scratch offs that you can play.

Current Games

Find a list of all the scratch-off games that are currently available in the Lone Star State, costing from $1 upwards.

Closed Games

You have 180 days to redeem prizes after a game has closed. See which scratch-offs recently stopped being sold.

Best Odds

Discover which scratch tickets give you the best opportunity to receive a payout and how likely you are to win on your favorite game.

Second Chance

You can submit non-winning tickets for the chance to get some incredible prizes in the Texas Lottery’s Second Chance drawings.

Claiming Prizes

The claims procedure depends on how much you have won. Learn what you need to do to redeem Texas scratch-off prizes.