Virginia Scratcher Information

You don’t have to wait for a lottery draw when you play a Virginia Lottery scratcher. Pick up a ticket in-store and you could win a prize instantly. There’s an assortment of price points and themes to choose between, but they are all easy to play. Some of the games even give you a chance to win as much as $5 million. Take a look through all the sections below to learn more about scratcher games in the Old Dominion.

Current Games

From $1 scratchers to $50 games which offer seven-figure prizes, check out all the games you can enjoy right now in Virginia.

Best Odds

Which games give you the best opportunity to win a payout? View a list of the VA scratch-offs with the best odds.

Prizes Remaining

Whether there’s lots of top prizes still to be won or just a couple left, you can find out how many are remaining for each game.

Claiming Prizes

Read all about the claims process and what you need to do to redeem prizes of different values in Virginia.