New Hampshire Scratch Ticket Information

Scratch tickets are a popular way to try and win enormous prizes in New Hampshire. You can find out instantly whether you are a winner, and have a lot of fun in the process. NH Lottery scratch tickets come with different prices, themes and play styles. Use the sections below to search for the games that suit you best, and select any of the links for more information.

Current Games

New Hampshire scratch-off games range from $1 to play to $25. Cast an eye over all the tickets that are currently active.

Best Odds

Which games are you most likely to win on? Take a look at the scratch tickets that have the best odds of bringing you a prize.

Second Chance

You could still get a prize even if your scratch-off isn’t a winner. Find out how to submit losing tickets in Second Chance draws.

Claiming Prizes

Whether you win a few dollars or become a millionaire, you need to know what steps to take to get your hands on the money.